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E-Vault Remote Backup

Providing Remote Data Backup to our clients is the right solution and keeps computers safe against a full range of data loss and system failure risks that we have found are the most common, including :

    • Technical (hardware failures)
    • Human (IT department, user error)
    • Natural (flood, fire, power surges, lightening, etc..)
    • Laptop (dropped, kicked, stolen, coffee spills)

Backup methods that have been traditionally employed (i.e. tapes, zip & usb drives external, CD's and DVD's) are not a super reliable answer to all of the common data losses. Only a remote solution offers you the safegaurds. Take this into consideration:

-Most Small Business use a Backup Solution that employs tapes or hardware..
- Between 5 - 20% of nightly tape based backup jobs fail or are note completed due to a hardware / software malfunction or conflict.
- Small Business that experience a significant lossof date resulting from natural disaster do not survive and are out of business within 2-3 years.

Save Time and Money and watch your Return on Investment Grow.

Our E-Vault solution is easy to use and provides many features that save you time and money, increasing your productivity and efficiency with the added plus of reducing data loss & major downtime.


To learn more about this money saving, time saving solution, contact us today! Simply call (419) 522-4001 or e-mail

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