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No space? Just the thing, then. This Small Form Factor Tower saves space AND money with it’s low power consumption, but is BIG on Processing Power! Call Today to take advantage of this offer on the KOSI 3305 Express System.  Included is a 19” Widescreen LCD monitor, and, if you order before August 31, we’ll add the extended hardware warranty –
for FREE!!!..If you have questions, please send an e-mail and we will gladly get back to you:

Get a free upgrade to 5-Year Warranty till end of the Month!!
Includes a 20.5 ” Widescreen LCD w/Speakers
KOSI Express System with 20.5 " WIDESCREEN LCD w/Speakers

System Specifications:


Operating System


Genuine Windows 8 Professional *(WIN7 Downgrade Available)




Intel® Pentium® Core i3








20X DVD +/- RW


Hard Disk Drive


500GB, 7200RPM SATA II 8MB




Small Form Factor Tower




1 Year Depot (5 Year Upgrade)


Special Features


Hard Drive Recovery Solution
Office Available as Add On


Meeting the technology challenges head on - for you!